Liriche di Nat Scammacca



Only a budge, one little push

Would have broken the spell I was caught in.

I stood and swayed there, swinging from side to side

With twenty minutes to decide.

Twice I turned to go back home

And rushed to the Icelandic’s entrance

Thinking it was you come to say

“Let’s go home” So many women had your face and motion.

I stood there and people watched me wondering

Why I spilled hot torment without a blush.

But I could only see two faces

Where my brother’s shadow loomed before me

Barring the exit door.

My given word was the living-death of promise

That turned me from what I loved.

My mind blurred when the door sealed into place

And the mass of metal moved relentlessly

Stripping the fibres of my head to shreds.